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Like humans, dogs need proper dental care to maintain good oral and overall health. However, unlike humans, dogs cannot brush their own teeth, so it is up to their owners to take care of their dental hygiene. If you don’t take your dog’s dental health seriously, it can lead to the development of gum disease, which is not only painful for your furry friend but can also result in costly veterinary bills and more severe health conditions that can compromise your pet’s total lifespan.

Prevent Costly Gum Disease With Enzymatic Teeth Cleaning

One way to prevent gum disease in dogs is by getting your dog’s teeth professionally cleaned with enzymatic toothpaste specifically formulated for pets. Enzymatic teeth cleanings are perfect for pets who are rapid plaque formers, and our grooming specialists at Velvet Hound Groomery can set you up with an appointment right away. The specially formulated dental cleaning solution we use contains a strengthened enzyme system and is more abrasive than traditional toothpaste, making it especially effective at removing plaque and tartar buildup. Regular enzymatic teeth cleanings are clinically proven to reduce plaque and loosen tartar, ensuring your pet maintains a clean mouth and healthy teeth and gums. Better still, unlike human toothpaste, specially formulated enzymatic toothpastes don’t contain any foaming agents and are much safer for pets to swallow.

Treat Your Pup To Dental Pampering Monthly For The Best Results

Enzymatic teeth cleanings are an easy and convenient way to reduce your pup’s risk of dental disease and keep their breath fresh. Enzymatic toothpaste is safe, effective, and appealing to dogs and cats, making brushing an easy and enjoyable experience. However, for the best results in maintaining your dog’s dental health, it is recommended that you invest in proper enzymatic teeth cleanings at least once a month. Some dogs may require more frequent cleanings depending on their age, breed, and dental health, which our grooming specialists can go over with you at the time of your appointment. We want to make sure we are all on the same page regarding your pet’s care. Our grooming specialists at Velvet Hound Groomery can even recommend healthy dental chews and toys that can help remove plaque and tartar buildup between their monthly cleanings.

By incorporating monthly teeth cleanings into your dog’s routine and providing them with appropriate enzymatic dental products, you can help your very best friend live a happier, healthier life. And it all starts right here at Arizona’s one and only Velvet Hound Groomery! If so, contact our amazing dog grooming specialists at Velvet Hound Groomery by calling (520) 395-1761 or filling out our contact form to learn more about the many ways we can help keep your dog happy and healthy for the rest of their life!